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The Benefits of Boxed Wine

The revolution of the 3 liter fine wine cask is remaking that image of boxed wines for today’s wine drinkers. Brown Box Wine’s 3 liter fine wine cask holds four standard, 750-mL bottles and offers one of the convenient and environmentally smart ways to carry and serve wine.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Stays Fresh: Brown Box Wines stays fresh for weeks after opening. Pour a fresh glass of wine anytime, every time.

  • Convenience: Brown Box Wines are easy to open and serve — no corks, no corkscrew!

  • Durable: There is no glass to break, and the compact size is a space-saver on the counter, in the refrigerator, and on-the-go.

  • Quality: Never worry about cork taint, and our wine stays fresh for weeks after opening unlike bottles, cans, or TetraPaks.

  • Value: Brown Box Wines are a better value than bottles at a comparable quality and price, as there is less cost in packaging, shipping, and storage.

  • Less Packaging: Brown Box Wines use 91% less packaging materials than their equivalent in bottles. This means less material is being produced and less material are sent to landfill. Additionally, boxed wine produces 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions.

  • Portability: No glass allows Brown Box Wines to be safe for carrying anywhere — to the beach, boat, tailgate party, picnic, or on the trail!

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