The Benefits of Boxed Wine

The revolution of the 3 liter fine wine cask is remaking that image of boxed wines for today’s wine drinkers. Brown Box Wine’s 3 liter fine wine cask holds four standard, 750-mL bottles and offers one of the convenient and environmentally smart ways to carry and serve wine.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Stays Fresh: Brown Box Wines stays fresh for weeks after opening. Pour a fresh glass of wine anytime, every time.

  • Convenience: Brown Box Wines are easy to open and serve — no corks, no corkscrew!

  • Durable: There is no glass to break, and the compact size is a space-saver on the counter, in the refrigerator, and on-the-go.

  • Quality: Never worry about cork taint, and our wine stays fresh for weeks after opening unlike bottles, cans, or TetraPaks.

  • Value: Brown Box Wines are a better value than bottles at a comparable quality and price, as there is less cost in packaging, shipping, and storage.

  • Less Packaging: Brown Box Wines use 91% less packaging materials than their equivalent in bottles. This means less material is being produced and less material are sent to landfill. Additionally, boxed wine produces 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions.

  • Portability: No glass allows Brown Box Wines to be safe for carrying anywhere — to the beach, boat, tailgate party, picnic, or on the trail!


That is why we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on the wine inside while keeping our container plain and convenient. Brown Box Wines use only the best fruit found in the state of Washington and then carefully controls thewinemaking process to insure that every box is filled with the finest wines. To put it simply, Brown Box Wines are great wines in a plain brown box.

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