Move Over, Bottles! Boxed Wine is quickly becoming a preferred way to package, purchase and enjoy wine. With the many benefits associated with boxed wine, it’s easy to see why more and more distributors are representing Brown Box Wines.

Brown Box Wines offer distributors:

  • Expanded sales to new on-premise and off-premise fine wine accounts.

  • Expanded packaging options with the 3 liter fine wine cask in supplementing 750 mL and 1.5 liter bottle sales in the premium, popular-premium, and super-premium price categories.

  • Cost savings in transportation (less packaging per wine unit).

  • Cost and space savings on storage (space-saving shape and design).

  • Potential extra margin to keep or pass on to customers due to potentially lower supplier FOBs compared to bottled wines of the same quality.

  • Product intended for rapid turnover.

  • Less breakage – no glass.

  • No returns or losses due to cork taint.


That is why we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on the wine inside while keeping our container plain and convenient. Brown Box Wines use only the best fruit found in the state of Washington and then carefully controls thewinemaking process to insure that every box is filled with the finest wines. To put it simply, Brown Box Wines are great wines in a plain brown box.

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