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Brown Box Wines are no stranger in many restaurants and bars, as many establishments offer and serve house wines, usually a red and a white version. Single glasses, half-carafes, and carafes are offered at affordable prices to diners and patrons. In many instances, the brand name is not published for customers to see, but they comprise the highest volume sales on-premise nationally. Brown Box Wines offer a high-volume or casual dining restaurant an affordable way to provide servings of wine very profitably.

Higher quality wines command higher prices and promote the prestige and experience of fine dining. Brown Box Wines offer fine dining establishments, wine bars, and clubs access to the higher quality wines that customers will enjoy.

Brown Box Wines offer restaurants, bar and loungers:

  • Space-saving shape and size: the Brown Box Wines hold the equivalent of four 750-mL bottles in roughly 60% of the same space. Storage, which in most restaurants is at a premium, not to mention in the walk-in and behind the bar, is freed up for other necessities and more supplies.

  • Keeps wine fresh for weeks after opening: As wine is poured the inner Brown Box Wine bag deflates, minimizing air from mixing with the wine and oxidizing it. Every glass is a fresh glass of wine, keeping customers satisfied. Estimates of waste of 2% or more generated by leftover wine oxidizing – added to estimates of 3% to 5% loss due to cork taint – are revenue losses that can be avoided with fine wine casks. Fresher wine means repeat orders!

  • Less loss from breakage: no glass and no corks means less breakage and no cork taint or spoilage due to poorly sealed bottles.

  • Ease and convenience: Brown Box Wines are easy to open, reducing staff frustration, and never need to be sealed or gassed to preserve quality.

  • Less packaging for more wine equals savings: savings for you or your customers. Per ounce costs from Brown Box Wines can often provide roughly 30% savings compared to the same quality wine from a 750 mL bottle. That is 30% yours to pocket or reward your customers with!

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